2011 08/10
Леанід Сьвецік, ВІцебск

Leanid Svetsik, Vitsebsk

Leanid Svetsik had to go to the law after the head of the Railway district administration Yury Maskaliou refused him to hold a picket in support of Ales Bialiatsky, scheduled for August 22. Judge Roman Dziahoda considered the arguments of the human rights activist “unreasonable” and did not meet any of the stated requirements.

Human rights defender asked the court to reverse the court decision to ban picketing. He also asked the city authorities to make changes in the decision № 881, for the activists were able to use in full the rights of expression, distribution and receipt of information guaranteed by the Constitution – local human rights website “Vitsebsk spring” reports.

Let’s remind you that on August 6 the human right defender Leanid Svetsik filed an application to the administration of the Railway district about the picketing. Human rights activist wanted to share information about how human rights are observed in the country. In particular, he wanted to draw the attention of the townspeople to the fact of arresting and detention of the head of the Human Rights Center “Viasna” Ales Bialiatsky.

The picket was planned to be hold at the officially sanctioned by the authorities place for public events – in the Park of Culture and Rest of Railway district. However, which is already a sad tradition, the picketing was banned by the district authorities. The grounds for refusal were standard: the authorities referred to the decision № 881 of the Vitsebsk executive committee of July 10, 2009.

According to this decision, the person who wants to hold mass events, to get a permission must first enter into contracts with the Department of Internal Affairs, the central city clinic and Vitsebsk public utilities. In practice, the mentioned services refuse to enter into contracts without the existing permission for holding mass events.

Leanid Svetsik decided to appeal against the decision of judge Dziahoda under cassational procedure.

On October 13 the Railway district court appointed another consideration of a such like complaint. As we reported, the chairman of the Vitsebsk region organization “Za Svabodu” Khrystafor Zhaliapau also decided to udjudicate the constitutional right of citizens to freedom of expression of political views – after 8 times in a row he was refused holding picketing in the same Railway district amusement park mentioned above.

Quoting “For Human Rights”,
Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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