2011 10/10

ыьThe only European country – Belarus – annually executes several death sentences. The state continues to take revenge on the criminals, not guided by the principles of just punishment and rehabilitation, but it then becomes the murderer of its citizens.

This year, in mid-July, Aleh Gryshkautsou and Andrey Burdyka sentenced to death on May 14, 2010 had been shot by firing squad for crimes committed during an armed attack on an apartment in Hrodna in October 2009. The sentence was executed in spite of the consideration of the case in the UN Committee on Human Rights, which violates international agreements.

Homel robber and murderer Igor Myalik is also waiting for execution of capital sentence. On February 11, 2011 the Board of the Supreme Court of Belarus dismissed the complaint for changing the punishment. The controversial criminal case of terrorism in Minsk subway can end with another capital punishment.

During the speech on September 28 at the annual meeting of the OSCE on Human Dimension in Warsaw, sections devoted to death penalty, torture and inhuman treatment, the coordinator of the campaign “Human rights activists against the death penalty,” Andrey Paluda drew attention of international society to the fact that in recent years, in the official media under the acquiescence of the state the issue of the death penalty or a moratorium on it are barely discussed. He appealed to the authorities of the Republic of Belarus with the requirement to demonstrate the political will in the issue of the immediate moratorium on death penalty as a first step, towards its complete abolition. This will save the lives of the convicted to this form of punishment, and Europe will finally be a completely legalized murder free territory.

On October 10, in the World Day against the Death Penalty activists of campaign ” Human right activists against the death penalty in Belarus,” once again will remind citizens of the problems associated with the death penalty: the imperfection of the judicial system in Belarus, of the torments that families and friends of the killed have to bear. They don’t know neither burial place, nor time of the shooting of the executed, because relatives are not informed about the day of the sentence, the bodies of those shot people are not given to families for the burial, the burial place remains unknown, and in the death certificate in the “cause of death” column a blank is put.

In many cities information campaign is planned. Among them is showing human rights films on the theme of death penalty, including Belarusian documentary film “The cause of death – blank”.

Each of us can cast their vote to save life to those who wait capital punishment, or may be executed in the future. One can add his or her voice to those three and a half thousand people who have already signed the petition against the death penalty in Belarus.

Quoting spring96.org
Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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