2011 11/10

Human rights activists from Amnesty International on the World Day against the death penalty, require abolition of the death penalty in Belarus. Belarus is the only country in Europe and at the former Soviet Union area, where people are still punished by death. (further – orthography of the primary source)

“Belarus is the only country in Europe, which claims that it kills people in the name of justice,” – said Rovzen Rife, Amnesty International’s expert in the death penalty.

Since 1991, about 400 people could have been punished by death in Belarus – the real figure is unknown because of the secrecy of information about the death penalty.

Prisoners are usually told about the shot in the back right before the procedure of the death penalty.

“The cruelty of the death penalty is not limited to the very moment of the penalty. Families of the convicted are not reported about the execution for weeks or even months, the bodies of the executed are not given to the families, the burial places are not reported to relatives and beloved, “- said Rovzen Rife.

On September 23, 2011 the relatives of Andrey Burdyka who was sentenced to death received a call from the Hrodna Regional Court and were told that they could come to the registrar to get the death certificate of their son.

28-year-old Andrey Burdyka and another person were sentenced to death on May 14, 2010 for killing three people. It is rumored that both of them were punished by death in the middle of July, this year. The family of the second person who was executed is still awaiting official confirmation.

Burdyka’s mother, Nina Siamionauna wants to know where her son is buried, she searched all cemeteries near Minsk hoping to find her son’s grave.
The mother of another convicted to death person – Andrey Zhook tried to give her son a parcel of food to prison on March 19, 2010. The prison authorities returned the package, saying that he was “transferred to another place.”

She was told no longer to look for his son and to wait for the official announcement of the court. On the morning of March 22, 2010 the prison administration reported that her son with other prisoners was punished by death.

The mother told Amnesty International about her pain because she didn’t not know where the grave of her son was. She also described how a small Andrey’s son stands silently in front of his father’s photograph. «I do not know what he is thinking about now” – she said.

In 2010, thousands of people were executed by death in 23 countries.
At the end of 2010 at least 17 800 people around the world were condemned to death and waiting for their states to kill them.

Quoting spring96.org,
Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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