2011 30/08
Ігар Случак, Гомель

On August 29 in Homiel Soviet district court an administrative hearing of the report issued by miltia officers against activist Igor Sluchak took place.

The young man was arrested on August 26 in Homiel and was convicted in disorderly conduct – using foul language. Three days before the trial Sluchak was held in the detention center.

The case was examined by judge Siarhey Shaustruk. According to the protocol, on August 26 at 16.00 Sluchak pushed in the shoulder and sweared at a citizen Siarhey Zamay. Already in 16.05 the activist was arrested by special forces officers and taken to the militia office, and then to the detention center.

Sluchak did not admit his guilt at the court and asked to call the witness who hasn’t shown up neither at police department nor at court. The session was postponed to August 31 for a subpoena the insulted citizen, reports BelaPAN.

“My version is the following – the whole month I was engaged in the public discussion of reform of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs, and the meeting with the police, the media and city leaders was supposed to be final chord of the campaign. This meeting should have taken place on August 27, at cruiser-boat on the river Sozh, it would have been pleasant and helpful. I sent out invitations to everybody. But not only the invitations – I sent the police proposals and the questionnaires. But I was detained before the event. The police officers decided to arrest me for the discussion of the reform would be me more intensive, and that I could look at the system from the inside, “- Sluchak explained to journalists. He believes that the authorities are afraid of open public dialogue. “It’s easier for them to throw people in jail than to discuss any problems with them,” – said the activist.

In fact, the activist intended to conduct a meeting with journalists on August 27: to report on the results of a personal campaign “Court Proceedings in Belarusian,” and to discuss the possibility of reforms in MIA. According to the activist, he invited journalists, of both state and independent media, as well as police officers to the event”.

He added that the conditions in the detention centre were inhumane; he had to sleep on boards for three days, with no means of personal hygiene because relatives were not allowed to bring it to him to the prison.

Quoting odsgomel.org,
Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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