2011 26/07
Валянцін Стэфановіч, Менск

Valiantsin Stefanovich, Мiеnsk

“Under the UN procedures, Belarus should not have executed the death verdicts. However, our country, as I see it, once again ignores its obligations undertaken under the UN instruments”, said human rights defender Valiantsin Stefanovich in an interview to www.zautra.by, following reports of two death convicts being executed in Minsk last week.

Andrei Burdyka and Aleh Hryshkautsou were found guilty of a triple murder last year and sentenced to death in May 2010.
Speaking on the UN Human Rights Committee’s official stand on the issue, the Interior Minister Anatol Kuliashou said that “Belarus lives under its own laws and the national legislation is a priority for us.”

“Then, Belarus should leave the United Nations and live under its own national laws. I do not understand the reasons for ratifying the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and other documents, when they are not implemented?” – said Mr. Stefanovich.

Belarus is the only European country that still uses the death penalty, says political analyst Yury Chavusau. He also believes there will be much more public attention to the recent executions as compared to the execution of Zhuk and Yuzepchuk last year.

Source: spring96.org

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