2011 30/07
Аляксандар Вайцешык, Баранавічы

Aliaksandar Vaitseshyk, Baranavichy

On 27 July, Baranavichy civil activist Aliaksandar Vaitseshyk lodged a complaint with the town’s police chief against an incident that reportedly took place in the activist’s flat on the same day.

According to Mr. Vaitseshyk, an unknown plainclothes policeman broke into his private apartment and hit the activist for at least 22 times, which was later confirmed by a medical examination.

After Mr. Vaitseshyk was taken to the nearest police station, he was questioned by a prosecuting investigator. However, in defiance of Art. 62 of the Constitution, the investigator did not allow two of the activist’s friends to represent his rights during the interrogation.

As a result, Aliaksandar Vaitseshyk was put to the town’s detention center and may face charges for resisting arrest, local human rights defenders say. The incident might be linked to Mr. Vaitseshyk’s repeated refusals to undergo fingerprinting examination, says civil activist Viktar Syrytsa.

... victim of violence

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