2011 29/04
Удзельнікі сустрэчы, Харкаў

Round table in Kharkov

By the initiative of the Kharkov Human Rights Group (KhHRG), a round table was held in Kharkov Office of the Public Defender.

Human rights defenders from Kharkov, the lawyers of the office and visitors from neighboring state – the Republic of Belarus, representatives of the Gomel Centre of Strategic Lawsuits (GCSL) Leonid Sudalenka – the head of GCSL and Vasily Polyakov – the coordinator of the Centre mentioned above participated in the meeting.

The discussion of most problematic issues took place there that arise in the work of lawyers when defending in criminal cases, also the issues of accessibility were discussed, timeliness and effectiveness of protection in criminal cases, lawyer ethics questions concerning relations of a lawyer and a client.

In the agenda there was the theme suggested about the place and role of human rights organizations, offices of public defense in ensuring citizens’ rights to legal assistance, fighting for important constitutional rights and freedoms; in the forming and development of democratic, open, legal and social communities in our neighboring states.

Quoting http://bpd.org.ua/,
Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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