2011 31/05
Алег Мацкевіч, Барысаў

Aleh Matskevich, Barysau

The human rights defender Aleh Matskevich (in the photo) has spent more than a year looking for a decision of the Barysau District Executive Committee About the order of holding mass events in the Barysau district.

The matter is that in summer 2010 he had received an answer where ruling #851 of 13 July 2010 was mentioned. As it was stated in the answer, “the ruling will be published in mass media after passing an obligatory legal expertise”. However, he hasn’t managed to find whether the ruling had been published. That’s why he had to address the Barysau DEC with the inquiry in which he asks to inform him where the document had been published.

Source: spring96.org

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