2008 19/11

Рыгор ВаіслевічOn 18 November Aliaksei and Sviatlana Lapitskis submitted another complaint to the General Procuracy of the Republic of Belarus, directly to the procurator general, R.A.Vasilevich.

The plaintiffs complain about the inaction of the administration of Zhodzina and Minsk oblast procuracies and officers of the General procuracy concerning the unlawful erasure of about 50 photos from their private camera, on 23 March 2008, during celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic, also known as the Belarusian Freedom Day.

Bear in mind that on this day in front of the eyes of the present police officers two hefty persons of provincial-sportive appearance, which were unfamiliar to the Lapitskis at that time, snatched the photo camera out of Aliaksei Lapitski’s hands, then hid it and did not return for a long time, till erasing all photos from the device’s memory.

The present police officers ignored the addresses of the victims. They neither stopped the delinquency, nor detained the offenders…

The victims appeals to Zhodzina town police department and the procuracy did not bring the due legal reaction. The procuracy refused to take any measures of prosecutorial reaction, examine the presented evidence and question the presented witnesses…, because, as it was found later, the acts of offence and loss-making to citizens in the streets of Zhodzina had been committed by the head of the crime detection department Zhodzina town police department Haiduk and his subordinate Karaliou, who were dressed in mufti and sportive clothes.

The latter ones almost immediately presented their own version of the incident to justify themselves: they allegedly thought that the ‘terrible oppositionist’ Lapitski was shooting them with his photo camera and could then use his photos for his own, unknown to them, but possibly ‘provocative’ purposes, and that it was him, who, without any sudden attack, on his own free will passed to them (strangers) his proto camera for destruction of the photos (at the same time he ‘scratched the boss’s hand’, suddenly shouted ‘Polizei!… Polizei!…’ and then ran away and disappeared in the crowd, after which the poor operating officers (who, as they state the victim knew well enough by face) had to look for the man (as honest pioneers – author) in order to return his thing to him (it seems that the officers have read too many Soviet books – author).

Of course, one can believe even in such story, but for this sake one would have to imagine a completely insane person, exalted and hardly understanding what is going on around him (as it was described by the police), a patient of the soul asylum, with an appropriate diagnosis in the stage of aggravation, instead of the real Aliaksei Lapitski, who is a human rights activist with legal knowledge and experience, a leader of the BPF Party and an ex-candidate to the Parliament of the Republic of Belarus in Zhodzina, a holder of golden medal for secondary education, person with two high educations (technical and economical) and rank of reserve officer of railway military forces (received by him at an institute), the rank of the candidate for a sports master in table tennis, etc., which is hardly imaginable to the local policemen.

Nevertheless, the procuracy (which is quite gullible in such cases) immediately ‘believed’ in such ‘official-justifying’ version even without demanding any material evidence or testimonies (!) The clear absurdity of the testimonies of the police officers of Zhodzina town police department did not make this state organ doubt in the fantastic story that was proposed to it.

Besides, between the lines of the official answers of the procuracy one could read elements of threats to the plaintiffs – these ‘negligent’ oppositionists, from who (on the solidary opinion of the officials) one could expect anything.

It is easy to understand the fear of this category of citizens who, by the way, are implementing their official duties: it results from regular ‘ideological brainwashes’ instead of study of the legal norms, arbitrary application of laws, etc. One can even lose sanity after it all. We understand it: the state of regular stress, responsibility in the system of the state vertical and ideological control create all necessary preconditions for getting ill.

However, no matter what ‘correctly oriented comrades would tell us’, there is no place for gansterism in the society! It makes no difference, what clothes such ‘militant nonsense’ and ignorance in the aggregate with ‘recurrently-correct’ authoritarianism wear, but delinquent must be brought to legal responsibility, irrespective of his/her position in the state organs!

In any case, the head of the General Procuracy of Belarus received one more chance to show his professional qualities, legal approaches and principles by which he is guided and which till lately allowed him to head the Constitutional Court of Belarus for a long time…

But will the General Procuracy take the necessary legal measures of prosecutorial reaction towards the ‘police delinquents’, which rudely violated the rights of Zhodzina dwellers to collect, keep and impart information…, and then demonstrated criminal official inaction concerning the victims’ addresses during the festive actions of 23 March 2008 in Zhodzina? Time will show, and we will be the first to get to know about it.

Further information on this topic and the last address to the General Procuracy can be found here.

Ales Volny,

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