2011 21/04

On 19 April Uladzimir Laptsevich, a journalist with the BelaPAN information agency, lodged a claim with the Chair of the main justice department of the Mahiliou Region Executive Committee, Aliaksandr Maimusau. He appeals actions of a judge of the Leninski District Court of Mahiliou Lanchava and an answer of the Chair of the court, Kuzhaleva, to him.

Mr. Laptsevich demands to punish Judge Lanchava for violating the terms of executing the court case against him and provoking a scandal in connection with his demand to familiarize with the case.

The matter is that on 28 March the journalist had been sentenced to 7 days of arrest. At 5 p.m. on 1 April he was released from jail. This was the last day when he could appeal the court verdict. That’s why the activist immediately went to court to familiarize with the case and was there at about 5.30 p.m. However, there he was told that the case materials hadn’t been numbered and filed yet and the report hadn’t been signed.

According to Uladzimir, the judge proposed him to familiarize with these materials. However, he reminded her that according to Article 11.8, part 3 of the Process-Executive Code of Administrative Offenses the case was to have been completed within three days after the announcement of the verdict. The judge told him to wait for the finalization of the case. Then, at 5.45 she demanded that he wrote a statement for familiarization with the case, which he did immediately.

At 5.55 he insistently asked to be familiarized with the case, but the judge stated that the office ours were coming to an end. She presented him the finalized case materials only after a row. However, the inventory of the case materials was absent.

As a result, the activist filed a complaint with the Chair of the Leninski District Court. The official answered that the case materials had been presented to him.

“I didn’t complain about the failure to present the case to me. The essence of my complaint was that the case was given to me only after a scandal, and that the terms for the case execution were violated,” commented Uladzimir Laptsevich. “The judge artificially protracted the time not to give me a chance for appealing against the court verdict in the due term. As a result, I started familiarizing with the case and taking photos of it only at 6 p.m., after the end of the working hours at courts.”

Source: spring96.org

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