2011 19/02

One of the important moments when lodging individual reports is to make sure that the documents reached addressee and didn’t get lost somewhere on the way…

We can cite the example of the problems which can occur because of the lack of extensive information on the case of the individual appeal of Zhodzina human right defenders A.Lapitsky and S.Lapitskaya to UNO CHR. First the package of documents was sent through the representatives of UNO in Minsk in 2008. But there was no reply from UNO CHR – no report about receiving the document or its registration and examination. After a certain period it wasn’t possible to find the documents even through the representatives of UNO CHR in Geneve.

Therefore, the individual appeal was improved. It was sent the second time taking into account the exchange of experience by the interested participants of the information exchange at by.prava-by.info and directly during ordinary communication between human right defenders, lawyers and legal experts. This internet source works as a continuation of support of educational-practical program “De facto implementation of international obligations in the Republic of Belarus in the field of civil rights and freedoms” and is directed to introducing the correspondent changes to the Belarusian legislation and court practice for making the legal situation in the country close to the full and accurate fulfilment of the generally accepted international law standards enshrined in the Constitution and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

Further we can use this particular case (personal report sent the second time to UNO CHR) as an example to follow the documents till they get to the registry of Administration of High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva.

The text of the appeal is available for the registered participants of by.prava-by.info in the correspondent section of the portal’s forums: permanent stationary, http://by.prava-by.info/sf-forum and a new specialized educational-practical forum http://by.prava-by.info/forum (see “document box”)

The appeal is considered the violation by the Republic of Belarus art. Art. 21; 19 of ICCPR. It is filed for the second time on 08.02.2011 because of refusal of peacefull assembly by the authorities of Zhodzina in 2006.

• To send an application and to control its delivery we suggest using Internet possibilities actively and steps described in the previous material.


You can read about the study of actual individual reports, discussions and advices during their possible collective improvement for the next sending to UNO CHR at our forums http://by.prava-by.info/sf-forum and http://by.prava-by.info/forum. These communication grounds are free for an open (without pre-moderation) commenting by the registered participants of Belarusian Legal Portal.

Everybody, including unregistered visitors of the portal can also familiarize themselves with documents’ versions adapted for public access (see sections in list of contents: improvements of the appeals to UNO CHR, …appeals to UNO CHR). In this case discussions can occur only in the regime of pre-moderation (previewing and approval by the editor’s office) and as comments to the materials mentioned above which were presented in the format of author’s confidentiality to certain documentation.

Ales Volny,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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