2011 12/04
Віктар Гумінскі (Фота: telegraf.by)

Віктар Гумінскі (Фота: telegraf.by)

“We need to evaluate actions of pseudo-patriots”, said Viktar Huminski, Deputy Chair of the House of Representatives. According to him, the Belarusian society “should do soul-searching” after yesterday’s explosion at a Minsk metro station Kastrychnitskaya.

According to Belorusskiy Partisan, Huminski stresses the need “to evaluate the representatives of civil society who are trying to represent Belarus abroad”. “Today, they are not patriots. They are patriots of personal well-being and of those who provide it,” quotes BelaPAN.

Viktar Huminski is sure that “such events as3 July, the square, calls to economical boycott, creation of hype around sugar, oil and currencies are the links of one chain”.

Human rights activist Valiantsin Stefanovich is of the opinion that “such statements of a person who holds a high public office are unacceptable in such a tragic situation”. “Today, the General Prosecutor of the Republic of Belarus has warned about the inadmissibility of statements and publications of libel and insinuations, and I believe this warning concerns all citizens, regardless of their political views and the position they hold. The investigation is underway, which I hope will establish those who are guilty of the yesterday’s tragedy. On my part, I would also like to urge the state media and the authorities to refrain from neabdumannyh comments, search and appointment of those responsible, labeling and dividing citizens into “patriots” and “pseudo-patriots” he said.

Human rights activists also encourage the law enforcement agencies to conduct an impartial investigation into the terrorist act and find the real criminals, not some imaginary or “appointed for political reasons”.

Source: spring96.org

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