2011 01/04
Прымусовая дактыляскапія

Forced dactilography

In Salihorsk, workers of the Belaruskalii, and Building Trust #3 receive “directions” for dactilography from the “ideology officers” of theses state enterprises. It’s worth mentioning that these “documents” don’t contain any seals or signatures of competent authorities. Moreover, according to the recently adopted Law On State Dactylographyc Registration, the people who are liable to military service must be directed for dactilography by the military enlistment offices. However, in practice the “invitations” for dactilography are most often issued by the police, which is a direct violation of the legislation.

New facts of forced dactilography were also registered in the Brest region. In particular, a worker of the railway station, resident of the village of Melniki (in the Malaryta district) Ryhor Luk’ianchuk was haunted by the police: they kept phoning to him, paying visits to his home. Eventually, they stopped him at the Melniki railway station and, in presence of witnesses, handed to him a paper according to which he was fined 1,050 000 rubles (about $350) for alleged insubordination to the police.

Luk’ianchuk applied to human rights defender Uladzimir Malei, as he considers such actions unlawful. His acquaintance Aliaksandr Kapylou refused to take his fingerprints as he considers it as humiliation of his dignity as a law-obedient citizen.

Recently, facts of forced dactilography have been registered in the Brest, Biaroza, Kobryn, Malaryta and Pruzhany districts of the Brest region, as well as in Brest.

Source: spring96.org

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