2011 21/03
Прымусовая дактыляскапія

forced mass dactylography

Defence of people’s Constitutional rights became very important in Belarus before the election campaign of 2010 and now, after the events of 19.12.2010 and after introduction of amended Law of Republic of Belarus “About state dactyloscopic registration”. Citizens faced general pressure of purposeful and persistent actions of militia – forced dactylography.

We recommend paying attention to our previous materials on this topic with comments of experts and application form to the Procuracy.

But the successful defence practice described in the material mentioned (defence of Constitutional rights at the Procuracy) happened to be not that effective now.

Indeed, to defend you rights and to refuse forced dactylography you must take into account new amendment of the special Law “About state dactyloscopic registration” of 06.01.2010 which is put here with the last changes of 04.01.2010, #102-3, reg.#2/1654 (rus.).

Prepared by Ales Volny,

Belarusian Legal Portal,


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