2011 09/03
Кастусь Шыталь, Глыбокае

Kastus Shytal, Hlybokaye

Kastus Shytal, a civil activist from the town of Hlybokaye, a correspondent with the internet edition westki.info, received a summons to the Hlybokaye District Court for 10 March. He had been an observer of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee during the latest presidential election.

At first, the trial was appointed on 3 March, but when the activist came to the court it was found that the trial wouldn’t take part as the court sitting wasn’t appointed.

Kastus Shytal is charged with violation of Article 13 of the Electoral Code – excess of the powers of an election observer. The reason is that he allegedly asked students of the lyceum whether they voted early on their own will.

Mr. Shytal believes that his persecution can be dictated by the wish of the local authorities to take revenge on him for the disclosure of rigging of the election results.

Source: spring96.org

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