2011 25/01
Aleh MAckievich, Barysau

Aleh MAckievich, Barysau

In October 2010 Aleh Matskievich and Maryna Statkievich sent complaints to UN HRC on Republic of Belarus’s violation of articles 19 and 21 of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (about the fact of refusal of peaceful assembly).

In such a manner human right defenders complain about violations of citizens’ right for peaceful assembly by Republic of Belarus. This came out in a groundless refusal of a peaceful meeting arranged by Barysau human right defenders to coincide with anniversary of Human Rights Day in 2009. Maryna Statkievich and Aleh Matskievich filed a proper application for carrying out the event according to the existing legislation.

After the local authorities’ groundless refusal of the event the human right defenders had tried to defend their rights in the frame of the national juridical system but there was no result.

In such a way, by appealing to international legal institutions which are accessible for Belarus now, human right defenders hope to stand up for their rights and improve the situation of regular authorities’ violations of citizens’ political and civil rights.

The applicants note that the complaint was filed in two exemplars from the each of the human right defenders (see file attached).

From editors:

It gives rise to doubt whether it was worthy to apply two separate applications from one group of applicants who fought for an obviously lawless decision of the local authorities. If past experience is any guide, this method isn’t rational and it complicates Committee’s work.

Therefore we consider it useful to remind the authors of the complaint to UN HRC that well-manufactured applications have more chances to be registered and examined by the Committee. Thus, it is more sensible not be in a hurry to send such individual requests directly to UN HRC, but, as it was suggested by the organizers of the program “International law in advocacy”, to use the possibility to discuss complaint projects at a specialized forum by.prava-by.info/forum.

Do this you should first register at the forum and portal. Or you should just send a message with a note “for discussion at the forum” to the address wwwBPP@gmail.com and further to register at our web site to have the possibility to participate in discussions and to receive concrete advices of your colleagues and experts in this field…

Complaint of A.Matskievich to UN HRC (Barysau)*

Ales Volny,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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