2011 25/01

International Observation Mission prepared analytical note about the situation with rights of journalists in the frame of events which happened in Republic of Belarus after December 19.

This review is based on the information from open public sources, independent mass media, interviews with journalists and reports of Belarusian Association of Journalists.

It includes information about arrests and other measures of restraint of liberty occurred during performing professional journalist duties on coverage of the events and it also includes data about cases of physical abuse by law enforcement organs, cases of searches, confiscation of equipment before, during and after the events of December 19, 2010 happened on Nezalezhnasti Sq.

Mission notes that the state of Republic of Belarus is a member of such international organizations as UNO and OSCE, which means that it took human rights and human sphere obligations. In particular, these obligations concern providing journalists the possibility to carry out their professional duties. They include guaranties of working conditions without any juridical or administrative restraint. Law enforcement organs are responsible for defense of journalists’ rights for coverage of any event not depending on its juridical status and for peaceful prevention of violence.

“One can draw conclusions grounding on the facts mentioned above, that in the recent four years since the last presidential elections Republic of Belarus hasn’t progressed in providing freedom of expression and freedom of associations, hasn’t performed obligations in the frame of international agreements of UNO and OSCE in this sphere, in particular, the recommendations of the Special Report “Handling of the media during political demonstrations” prepared by the Representative on the matters of mass media freedom of OSCE Miklosh Harashti on June 21, 2007, – explains Representative of the Mission Aliaksandra Dzelemianchuk.
-It is noteworthy that during the events of December 19 on Nezalezhnasti Sq representatives of authorities – militia and OMON riot militia used force indiscriminately against ordinary people and journalist who performed their duties”.

The review also pays separate attention to the recommendations for the authorities of Republic of Belarus, international organizations and interstate education establishments prepared by staff members of the Mission.

Analytical note is directed to:

Special rapporteur of UNO on matters of freedom of speech and expression

Special representative of OSCE on media matters

Leading non-governmental organizations on journalists’ rights and freedom of speech

Professional journalist associations from different countries of OSCE


About Committee of international control over the situation with human rights in Belarus:

About International Observation Mission:

It was created by representatives of non-governmental organizations of OSCE area countries and international public associations and organizations. It performs monitoring of the general situation with saving fundamental human rights in Republic of Belarus and also questions of protection of human rights activists and providing them normal conditions for professional activity. It emphasizes that human rights are the subject of a simple legal warning of international society and encourage authorities of Belarus to abide by international obligations in the sphere of human rights and countries-participants of OSCE – to control performing of these obligations.

Analytical note #2-1 of “Situation of journalists’ rights in the frame of the events of December 2010 – January 2011 in Belarus”


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Prepared by Ales LETA,

Quoting spring96.org,

Belarusian Legal Portal,


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