2011 10/02
Ціск на адвакатаў, Менск

Pressure on lawyers, Minsk

At about 11 a.m. on 10 February KGB officers paid a visit to the legal consultation of Aleh Aheyeu, the attorney of the presidential candidate Aliaksei Mikhalevich. they presented an order signed by the Minsk and Minsk Region KGB Department and started looking though the documents that concerned the professional activities of the lawyer. They refused to tell the lawyer within the limits of which process activities the check-up of his documents was conducted and soon went away.

Human rights defender Valiantsin Stefanovich is sure that the incident with lawyer Aheyeu eloquently shows the real essence and the methods of investigation of the criminal case concerning the events of 19 December 2010. These actions of KGB officers resemble the previous facts of pressurization of the lawyers who represent the interests of figurants of the criminal case. It is absurd that lawyers cannot realize to a full extent their professional right to meet with their defendants tet-a-tet, as it is provided by the law.

This fact witnesses that the investigation into the criminal case is conducted with gross violations of the rights of the defendants, including the right to legal defense.

By the way, the law machinery started showing an increased interest to Aleh Aheyeu since the beginning of January. His professional activities have been checked up several times by the Ministry of Justice. Aheyeu is a member of the Presidium of the Minsk City Bar. He has defended the interests of Aliaksei Mikhalevich since the time of his detention.

By source: spring96.org

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