2010 27/01

In January 2011 Barysau democratic activist, human right defender Ales Abramovich appealed to UN Human Right Committee. On June 25, 2010 Barusau court penalized him to 25 base amounts for organization of picketing against NPS construction in Liadzishchy area.

The court left out of consideration the fact that Ales Abramovich appealed to Barysau regional executive committee with a request to organize this public event and had to run it without official permission. Indeed, Barysau executive committee didn’t allow this peaceful assembly in spite of written request referring to a questionable grounds and quite a complicated procedure of getting permission for running a peaceful assembly. All different interpretations of existing provisions in Regulation “About public events in Republic of Belarus” are widely and regularly used by local authorities for maximum limitation of any public initiative considering right for freedom of assembly and opinions and unhampered distribution of information.

Ales Abramovich lodged a complaint to Cassation instance but the complaint wasn’t granted. After this the last appeals instance in Belarus, when law allows participating in open and collegiate court session, the applicant decided not to waste time and money on judicial inquiries. The last procedure isn’t an adequate and effective means of defense of violated rights, so he considered useless to go though all the stages of human rights defense system up to SC.

Ales Abramovich in his claim requests Belarus’s admitting art. 19 and 21 of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which register obligation law of every citizen of a country for carrying out peaceful assemblies, expressing opinions and unhampered distribution of information.

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