2008 18/10

ADSHomel Savetski Borough Prosecutor’s Office admits a brutal violation of the electoral legislation by the borough officials.

A crying fact of law abuse was witnessed by the United Civic Party independent observer Sviatlana Paliakova at one of Homel’s polling stations on September 28, when District Electoral Committee #20 refused to provide one of the voters with a voting bulletin. The refusal was accompanied with strong language by the committee’s returning officer Fedarovich who said that the voter had already cast his vote.

As a result of a scrutiny by the borough prosecutor’s office, Savetski borough executive committee was warned of possible administrative and criminal prosecution.

According to www.odsgomel.org, the incident was caused by Mr.Fedarovich’s repeated inability to provide certain voters with voting bulletins, e.g. during the 2007 local election when one of the voters could not obtain a voting bulletin from the drunk official.

Source: www.odsgomel.org

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