2010 07/12
Затрыманая літаратура

Instructions for Short-term Observers

On 30 November officers of the Ashmiany customs office examined the personal belongings of the Homel human rights defender Leanid Sudalenka who was returning home from Vilnius. They confiscated from him 10 copies of Instructions for Short-term Observers at Presidential Election of Belarus. The human rights defender considers the confiscation of the manuals illegal and stated it in his complaint to the head of the State Customs Committee, which was filed by him on 1 December.

’The printed production is of electoral nature and content and my complaint must be considered in conformity with requirements of the Electoral Code, which provides 3 days for it. As far as I have received no answer to my complaint from the head of the customs office, I still consider the actions of customs officers are unlawful and contradictory to the principles of openness and transparency of elections in our country and limit my right to disseminate information. By the way, the confiscated printed production will lose its actuality after the election. That’s why I asked to return it to me as soon as possible,’ explained Mr. Sudalenka. ‘I don’t understand the reasons for limiting my right to disseminate election-related information, which could be necessary for achieving one of the legal aims present in Articles 23 and 34 of the Constitution and Article 19 of the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights.’

Mr. Sudalenka asks the court to consider the actions of the Ashmiany customs office unlawful and oblige the customs officers to return him the manuals for observers.

Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections

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