2010 19/11
Пікеты ў Менску забараняюцца

Пікеты ў Менску замінаюць дарожнаму руху?!

Does picketing in Minsk block road traffic?

On November 18 in Minsk Moscow district court didn’t grant the appeal about Minsk executive committee’s forbidding picketing. The applicants wanted to pay attention to mass violations of Criminal Code towards citizens and in particular to groundless arrests of many public activists which have been going on since the beginning of this September. (further – orthography of primary source)

In the beginning of October the applicants Uladz Valodzin, Aliaksandr yarashevich and Nasta Loyka filed the application for organizing picketing near Kamarouka market. Deputy chairman M. Tsitsiankou in his reply of October 30 referred to impossibility to organize such picketing because “organizing of the picketing on the territory between houses ##2 and 6 in Kharuzhay Str. will block road and pedestrian traffic”.

The judge of Moscow district court Volha Husakova didn’t take into consideration documents about international standards presented by public representative, lawyer Hary Pahaniayla and called down grounds about the formality of the reasons forbidding the picketing.

The representative of Minsk executive committee explained to the court the procedure of obtaining a license to hold a picketing. According to this procedure every presence undergoes an examination in ROVD and it has priority importance during making up the correspondent decision. Something like, if militia doesn’t approves a picketing, town’s authorities stick with militia.

But human right activist Nasta Loyka tells that the fact that the applicants asked the authorities to suggest any alternative time, place or a date for the picketing according to the legislation of republic of Belarus in case something goes wrong with their first application. But Minsk executive committee has totally ignored them.

This decision will be disputed in Cassation order. After all national mechanisms of defending rights to freedom of associations guaranteed by the Constitution and International Covenant on Public and Political Rights are used, human right defenders plan to dispute this Belarusian authorities’ violation of their right to freedom of association in United Nations Committee on Human Rights.

Quoting spring97.org,
Prepared by Ales Leta,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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