2010 28/10
Андрэй Зубра, Жодзіна

Аndrey Zubra, Zhodzina

On 27.10.2010 at 11 a.m. unexpectedly without any notice militia came to the place of work of Andrey Zubra – engineering department of Production Enterprise “BelAZ” in Zhodzina. Zhodzina GUVD officer – captain Zayats had interrogation protocol of the activist who was previously arrested on 27.09.2010 with 216 exemplars of independent publication “Tut I Tsiapier”. The officer ordered Andrey to stop his work and head to the court immediately.

Andrey Zubra contacted human right defender Aliaksiey Lapitsky at once and explained militia officers the necessity of this legal procedure. The activist was surprised by the fact that the officer didn’t even try to send him a summon but decided to take him immediately from his working place to the court session.

Andrey Zubra tried to ask GUVD officer under what authority the officer came to Andrey’s working place and made the atmosphere at his work which actually had worsened after his first arrest more tense, and why he discredited the activist in his colleagues’ eyes. He also called to the hotline of Ministry of Internal Affairs and told about the event. Finally he demanded that Zhodzina militia officer acted in the frame of legal procedure and performed his duties in a proper way.

In 12-00 the officer made a summon to come to Zhodzina GUVD at 15-00 and gave it to the activist. He also called for a car with convoy.

As a result Andrey Zubra was taken by the militia officer in front of the eyes of surprised and angry enterprise workers out from the territory of the production enterprise to Zhodzina GUVD. In militia department captain Zayats in front of the activist’s eyes destroyed previous protocol signed by Andrey on September 27 right after his arrest. The officer tried to get some new testaments from A.Zubra but the defendant refused to give testaments in these conditions. So, consequently, the officer filled in the protocol himself while Zubra was keeping silence.

Right after this captain asked Andrey to go to colonel Siavets who called for a car to the court. They said nothing to the activist. He could only guess where he was taken by the talks of officers.

Thus, at the same day at 16-00 public activist was unexpectedly taken from GUVD to Zhodzina court. He only managed to tell Aliaksiey Lapitsky, a human right activist who was observing the situation about it. Aliaksiey managed to come to court at time, talk to the detained and give him Constitution of Republic of Belarus and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

We can only guess why captain Zayats destroyed an important procedure document right before the court session and why he with Zhodzina GUVD officers made this “performance” of arresting law-abiding Belarusian citizen straightaway from his working place?

Ales Volny,

Belarusian Legal Portal,


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