2010 19/10
У.Кацора і Л.Судаленка

U.Katsora and L.Sudalenka, Homel

Human right activist Leanid Sudalenka who prepared an application to UN HR Committee told BelaPAN that the committee recognized the fact that Belarus violated civil rights of Homiel human right activist, member of United Civil Party (UCP) Uladzimier Katsora.
This information was in the document which Katsora received from the UN HR Committee on October18.

Katsora complained that in 2004 militia seized leaflets of electoral block “V-plus”. After that Zhlobin court found him guilty in participation in activity of non-registered public association and fined him BYR 1,050,000. 14,000 leaflets “Five steps to a better living” were destroyed according to the court’s decision.

The oppositionist didn’t admit his fault and considered that court’s decision was unfair because his rights for distribution of information and right for defending from political discrimination were violated. Having exhausted all means of inner human right defense which means having appealed all decisions of Regional and Supreme courts, Katsora addressed United Nations Human Rights Committee.

Let’s remind you that before registration and the final positive decision of UN HR Committee, the first application on this case wasn’t registered.

First the application had certain shortages and was applied from other author, public activist Karatchenka, the member of Katsora’s team. After discussion on a specialized forum of Belarusian Legal Portal the application to UN HR Committee was improved by Leanid Sudalenka taking into account all remarks brought out at the forum by human right defenders, participants and graduates of educational-practical Program of Human Right House (Vilnia), directed to implementation of international legal rules into Belarusian national legislation and judicial practice.

Aliaksiey Lapitsky comments:

-This positive case inspires us! It is an example of human rights solidarity and it shows that teamwork over different cases of this kind gives its positive results. Human right defenders keep on communicating, exchanging professional practice, opinions and learn one from another on practical examples like applications to UNHRC. And together with this the level of documents applied to the committee, general legal culture, new understanding of civil rights and freedoms for every person and the whole our country grows. One can’t reach the correspondent mental breakthrough, progress or even some effective influence on today’s actions of the government to really change something for the better in using international legal standards in national legislation and judicial practice of Belarus in the field of human rights if there is no self-improvement and constant goal-oriented intentions.

It really happens that we help each other and continue to learn from one each other on examples of our friends and colleagues, human right defenders. We grow professionally together.

That’s why the registration of new application which was combined by human right activist from Homiel Leanid Sudalenka and as a result UNHRC’s recognition of violation of Uladzimier Katsora’s civil rights are taken with a real delight.

We congratulate Leanid Sudalenka, Uladzimier Katsora and all our colleagues who took part in discussions. We are convinced that we’ve chosen the right way. And realization of this fact gives us energy and it increases the chances to reach our lofty aims on the difficult way to legal and democratic Belarus.

Source: naviny.by

Prepared by Ales Volny

Belarusian Legal Portal


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