2008 04/12

Сяргей ГоўшаAs human rights activist from Baranavichy Syarhei Housha has said that today, a policeman came to his apartment with an intention to search it. He planned to search forbidden literature which allegedly is kept in his apartment.

‘I was in the city when my wife phoned and said that somebody called house intercom, presenting himself as a policeman. She answered that she hadn’t called in police, and won’t open the door,’ Siarhei Housha said.

After that she said to the human rights activist that the man, who presented himself as a policeman, entered the door of the porch and talked to the neighbor at the landing. After that he rang into Houshas’ apartment. The woman opened the door but said she won’t allow the policeman to enter while her husband is not there. She brought her passport. The policeman checked the passport and left.

‘I met the policeman near the entrance door and asked whether he visited our apartment. It was the captain Yauhen Bakharevich, who said that he had been sent by a deputy police chief while neighborhood police inspector was absent. He told that there had been a report that banned books are kept in my apartment. Then I asked whether he had a search warrant. He didn’t,’ the human rights activist said.

As said by Mr Housha, the visit of the policeman could be connected with the intention of the human rights activist to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10 December.

Source: Charter`97


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