2010 15/10
Правы Альянс

Pravy Aljans

The organization registered as “informative-consulting establishment” was accused of non-statutes activity.

Chairman of the organization Yury Karetnikau told BelaPAN that Minsk Economic Court adopted the decision to liquidate informative-consulting establishment “Pravy Alyans”.

According to Karetnikau’s words, ICE “Pravy Alyans” was registered on June 19, 2009 by the Administration of Minsk Central district. Claim for registration forfeit was filed by the court of Minsk town executive committee.

Karetnikau also said that in its claim Minsk town executive committee referred to print-outs of unknown to the administration of “Pravy Alyans” internet sites which said that the organization is participating in political activities. “We stated that we don’t bare any relation to these web sites. “Pravy Alyans” is not a political, but social organization according to the statutes”, – noted Yury Karetnikau.

Nevertheless, the court took into account arguments of Minsk town executive committee and decreed to forfeit the organization their official registration because of non-statutes activity.

Quoting Karetnikau, this decree will be appealed in “all institutions possible”. “First, we will address Minsk Economic Court. If the decree will not be cancelled by this institution, we will appeal to the Superior Economic Court”, – claimed the chairman of the organization.

Those who participated in anti-alcohol and anti-drug picketing know “Pravy Alyans”. In 2009 this organization started campaign against smoking blends like “Spice”. In January 2010 such blends were equated to narcotic substances and criminal responsibility was arranged for their distribution.

The organization also held “Anti-poppy” campaign directed against sales of opium poppy in Belarus.

Source: charter97.org

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