2010 13/10
Яўген Пугач, Смалявічы

Jauhen Puhach, Smalavichy

The UN Human Rights Committee has registered the individual communication of the Smaliavichy civil activist Yauhen Puhach concerning the violation of his right to peaceful assemblies and freedom of expression by the local authorities. The official Minsk has six months to submit to the Committee its commentaries on this case.

Mr. Puhach composed the complaint with the support of the well-known human rights defender Siarhei Ustsinau. The activist had been prohibited to hold a picket near the vivarium in Hurski Street, 42 in Minsk, where homeless animals were killed.

The action was prohibited for wire-drawn reasons. ‘Holding the picket in this place could draw the attention of drivers driving vehicles by the roads adjacent to the building in Hurski Street, 42, which, in its turn, can lead to creation of obstacles to the traffic and pedestrians,’ runs the answer of the officials.

Source: spring96.org

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