2010 10/10
Акцыі 10.10.2010, Жодзіна

Акцыі 10.10.2010, Жодзіна

On October 10 in Zhodzina local human right activists organized several information initiatives coinciding with World Day Against the Death Penalty (see photos).

In the beginning of the initiative, at 12:00, Zhodzina activists wearing T-shirts with “Say NO to Death Penalty” visited Youth centre and handed out information materials to the centre’s administrative. They also visited youth café and left leaflets, stickers and posters there (see photo 1-7).

Then they informed Zhodzina inhabitants by handing out special printed materials, leaflets, and pocket calendars, pasted stickers in yards and town’s squares. Human rights activists talked to people interested in the issue. Human rights defenders told some people about the situation in Belarus, and some other people – about their own position on the topic more precisely.

Till 6 p.m. the participants of information initiative in Zhodzina managed to visit many crowded and significant places by foot and by bicycles. They also managed to handle mobile picketing near Orthodox and Catholic Churches, meet and speak with people near markets, stores, in the yards and parks.

During the whole initiative there was not a single negative reaction from people. Zhodzina citizens reacted very positively to information and materials handed out. And near Churches there were people who expressed their own opinions against death penalty. Some attracted people near “Central” department store even wanted to join the initiative of Zhodzina human rights activists. They were given the same T-shirts Zhodzina activists were wearing. Some of these people have immediately put them on and started informing people. (see photo 8-12)

On October 10, 2010 initiatives dedicated to World Day Against the Death Penalty took place almost all over the country, and also abroad. Human rights defenders and activists who would like to see Belarus in the civilized family of European countries took part in the initiatives. European countries accepted certain changes in legislation and build United Europe without death penalty (and Belarus is in any case an essential part of Europe).


Ina Zenka, the responsible worker of Youth centre in Zhodzina which is state institution, accepted but didn’t show any interest in information materials. Though she agreed to take suggested materials about the necessity to abrogate death penalty in Belarus, she didn’t manage to explain how these materials will be used in the centre.

Ales Volny


Photo: Licviny-INFO


Near the Youth Center

У кавярні

In the Youth Center coffee bar

Ля ўнівэрсаму "Цэнтральны"

Near the self-service store "Centralny"

Далучэньне валянтэраў

Activation of new volunteers

Праца валянтэраў

New volunteer in picket

In the market

Ля царквы

Near the Church

On bicycles

Work from the wheels ...

Праца на роварах

Work from the bicycl

Ля касьцёлу

Near the Roman Catholic church


"No ..." іn the shop

"Не..." - на дваравой пляцоўцы

"No..." - on the outhouses plase

Не ...

No ...



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