2010 30/06
Суд адбыўся, Магілёў

Lawsuit of Lidzia Sahidulina stopped by Vitsebsk Railway district court was unproved and lawsuit of Halina Bahdanava had no elements of offence.

Judge Uladzislau Shykarou didn’t judge protocols drawn up two months ago for illegal distribution of printed material as grounds for penalty.

Only Lidia Sahidulina appeared in court. Her friend Halina Bahdanava was in sanatorium abroad. Quoting Lidia Sahidulina on May 30 when the protocol was drawn up, the two women were arrested not far from the railway station.

The women were coming back from Minsk. According to words of Yahor Babrousky, that morning militia was performing raids on fight with illegal alcohol transportation. The militia man didn’t explain why they suspected two women with little plastic bags. But as soon as they noticed balloons with “Havary Praudu” campaign logo and leaflets with portrait of Uladzimier Niakliayeu in the bags, the owner Halina Bahdanava and her friend Lidia Sahidulina were immediately taken to Railway Regional Department of Internal Affairs (ROVD).

The protocol according to article 22.9 – illegal distribution of printed material was drawn up there.

Judge Uladzislau Shykarau stopped lawsuits against activists haven’t even heard Lidia Sahidulina’s words about the fact that neither balloons, nor leaflets are periodic printed materials. Now Sahidulina plans to bring back confiscated agitation production of “Havary Praudu” campaign.

Source: radio “Svaboda”

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