2010 01/07
Міжнародная арганізацыя

In 2009 rating Belarus got 6,50 points which is 0,07 points less than in 2008. The organization assigns evaluation from 1 to 7 points (from the best to the worst) according to the following criteria: electoral rights, development of public society, freedom of mass media, democracy of central authorities, court independence and corruption.

FH observers two categories in which a certain progress is observed: independence of mass media (6.50) and public society (6.00).

“Concerns about new decree “About Mass media” accepted in February which could worsen the state of independent journalism, didn’t prove true. Authorities abstained from putting into application censorship in Internet, though the document appeared in mass media lately showed that such measures have been prepared. Authorities gave official accreditation to “European Radio for Belarus”. But some other representatives of foreign mass media including Polish TV channel “Belsat” were denied accreditation. The slight loosening of control influenced Belarus’s rating”, – is written in the report.

Zhanna Litvina, the head of Public Association “BAJ”, commented these conclusions of FH:

“The facts mentioned in the report as signs of democracy are indeed only stimulants of democracy. We still don’t observe real improvement of the situation.

The ruling authorities don’t accept concessions connected with weakening of information field monopoly. Many non-governmental editions still can’t get to the system of distribution; journalists always have difficulties with getting information from state organs, about 20 warning were rendered to our colleagues for cooperation with foreign mass media without accreditation, high pressure is still being put upon journalists from security agencies and special service agencies… Moreover presidential decree #60 about limitation of freedom of speech in the World Net is coming to force…

Taking into account the forthcoming election campaign there are fears that all these “chronic illnesses” will only aggravate.

Source: BAJ media service.

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