2010 27/09
U. Khilmanovich

U. Hilmanovich

On September 23 the trial must have taken place over the well-known scientist, professor Ales Astrousky, his wife Aksana and public human right activist and journalist Uladzimier Hilmanovich. Administrative cases have been initiated against them for organizing picketing in front of executive committee’s building on September 2 for defense of Belarusian-speaking education.

The Astrouskies and Hilmanovichs demanded realization of their right for their children being educated in Belarusian language. They were arrested on the same day and in a week the protocol about administrative violation has been drawn up to them. Summonses have been issued for September 23, 10 a.m. But before the court session the Astrouskies received phone call about the trial has been rescheduled on an uncertain date. Uladzimier Hilmanovich hasn’t been called at all.

When Ales and Aksana Astrouskies and Uladzimier Hilmanovich came to Lenin district court judge Natalia Koziel told them that the court session will not take place because of militia officers’ additional study of the materials.

Uladzimier Hilmanovich says: “This rescheduling of the session shows us once again that Belarusian state establishments don’t have proper responsibility for their actions. If they are ashamed of this administrative case, it can be cancelled. But if law enforcement organs think that we have violated the law, let’s meet at the session. What can be additionally studied there? This reason for rescheduling the session is hilarious. And the fact that I wasn’t informed about the rescheduling of the court session shows irresponsibility of law officials. There was one missed call on my mobile after six in the evening, indeed. But they could have called once again. This is just a disrespect of people. The real reason for this rescheduling is that the authorities are afraid of publicity and they understand that we have the truth because we were picketing for legal order”.

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