2010 07/07
Ales Bialacki, Miensk

Ales Bialacki, Miensk

Today it has been already 10 years since Dmitry Zavadsky, “ORT” cameraman, disappeared. Human right defender Ales BIALIATSKY in his interview to Euramost.org tells that this case “doesn’t have period of limitation and that international society will investigate the problem until the truth is found”.

Personal history

Dmitry Zavadsky was born on August 28, 1972.

From 1994 till 1997 he was a personal cameraman of A.Lukashenka. Since 1997 – cameraman of Public Russian Television (“ORT”).
In spring 1997 he was arrested together with journalist Pavel Sharamiet for their story about transparency of Belarus-Lithuania borders and was given a year and a half suspended sentence.

From October 1999 till May 2000 he worked in Chechnya and was making film “Chechnya Diary” for “ORTA” with Sharamiet.

On July 7, 2000 Dmitry Zavadsky disappeared under unknown circumstances on the way to airport “Minsk-2”.

Kidnapping of Dmitry Zavadsky is officially detected, but the body still wasn’t found.

“There are several versions of the case but I tend towards the version that the film “Chechnya Diary” became the reason for kidnapping, – said Zavadsky’s wife Sviatlana Zavadskaya to “Salidarnasc”. – The film must have been on “ORT” on July 10, 2000.

The trailer to the film was broadcasted on TV and it came that the author was Sharamiet. Perhaps, higher officials got frightened. They have put together what Dmitry had been saying in his interview to “BBN” (“Belarusian Business Newspaper”) about Belarus’s connection with Chechnya and that Sharamiet and Zavadsky had always liked to find anything interesting about Lukashenka and authorities. According to one of the theories Dmitry was captured on July 7 to get information about film content and to learn whether there was something about Belarus for later not to broadcast the film in Belarus. But, obviously, being in Minsk Dmitry couldn’t edit the film. Perhaps, he was tortured and with no possibility to cover up traces, was killed”.

– Of course, it is hoped that the case will be solved, – says Ales Bialiatsky. – But it is also understood that it will happen not today. Now they work not very enthusiastic to solve it because they don’t want publicity. Several quite important witnesses were not questioned. So we think that this case is politically charged.

– Do international human right organizations keep watching the situation with the known disappeared people in Belarus?

– Of course, they do. As a matter of fact, the question of the disappeared politicians is one of the most important questions for many international structures including United Nations Organization. Unfortunately, Belarus in this issue is no exception and that’s why a special mechanism about the disappeared was created and there is no period of limitation for such cases. They must be investigated right until the some truth is found. And such cases last for years. There are examples of investigations in Latin America where such cases lasted dozens of years. It is evidence that they remain important until there is possibility to find the truth. And I shall repeat that Belarusian cases are mentioned in many international documents including UNO, OSCE and others. European Council and European Union several times claimed that it’s necessary to find the truth.

– A film about Dmitry Zavadsky and other disappeared in Belarus was broadcasted on Russian TV channel NTV on July 4…

– I think that this story appeared on TV only with approval of Kremlin. But, generally speaking, there wasn’t much new for us in this film. One have talked much about it not once, there was a report of Purgurides. It’s very good that Russian have also raised the issue. People mustn’t forget such cases…

Quoting Euramost.org
Prepared by Ales LETA

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