2008 05/12

60 год Усеагульнай дэклярацыі правоў чалавекаOn 10 December the Young Front declares a nationwide hunger-strike to mark the end of the organization’s campaign ‘Communism must be brought to tribunal!’. As the Young Front press service informs, at first the organization intended to finish the anti-communist campaign on 8 December, the day when the USSR dissolved. However, later it was decided to postpone the end of the campaign because of the trial over the political prisoner Alexander Barazenka that will start on 10 December as well.

Another reason for holding the hunger-strike on 10 December is that on this day the political prisoners in the USSR always declared hunger-strikes with the demand of general political amnesty.

‘We have to state that little has changed in comparison to the Soviet times. Now our friends are behind bars on political reasons, and none of political prisoners have been rehabilitated.

Young Front supports the action that has been established by Soviet dissidents and declares a hunger-strike on 10 December. We demand the general amnesty and rehabilitation for political prisoners in Belarus!’ runs the press-release of the Young Front.



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