2010 08/07
Асамблея НДА Беларусі

NGO Assembly

“Eastern partnership traveling map for Belarus” conference of National Forum took place in Minsk on July 5-6. Representatives of more than 100 public organizations took part in this Forum.

Several associations such as NGO Assembly, BAJ, AHT CSI, “Alternative youth politics” and others passed on concrete proposals on development of Eastern partnership program which can be later passed on a higher European level.

Two-day conference was the last major even of Belarusian NGO prior to Public Society Forum of Eastern partnership program which will take place this November in Berlin. The event ended up with accepting resolution which summed up recommendations of 4 work groups and presenting list of public organizations recommended for participation in the second Public Society Forum.

During session of the work group “Democracy, human rights, proper state governing and stability” NGO Assembly proposed a draught variant of the road map which would unite practices of proper governing through relations development and public society. “The essence of our proposal is not only to set tasks and goals but also to define a scale to measure progress in different fields. For example: transparency, information accessibility, public participation and others. Moreover we thought about inviting other participating countries which have similar problems. In our project we foresaw places for every EP participant”, – told Siarhey Matskievich, the chairman of Assembly Work group.

Concept of governing organs favoring development of public society which was prepared by NGO Assembly last year and was fully discussed by public activists was taken as a basis of the document suggested. Assembly’s proposals together with the others were included into a final resolution of National Forum conference.

In general, National Forum left questionable opinions among its participants. In particular, declared form of the event as a discussion in “road map” format wasn’t completely fulfilled.

The resolution accepted mostly included wishes but not real actions of developing public society in the framework of Eastern partnership. “Representatives of Belarusian public society, who started markedly at the Brussels forum last year, unfortunately, didn’t manage to turn positive starting positions into real influence.”, – stressed lawyer Yury Chavusau.

“Alongside with that, the very fact of organizing National Forum is a very good thing. And it is also very good that Belarus is the first of the participant countries which organizes it and insists on Public Society Forum to be a constant working platform and constituent of Eastern partnership”, – said chief editor of multimedia magazine “34” Iryna Vidanava.

Quoting NGO Assembly,


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