2009 21/07

Asambleja NDA BielarusiRepresentatives of the largest NGOs in Belarus sent an appeal to members of the Advisory Council. The signatories urge the authorities to initiate a dialogue with the civil society. According to the initiators of appeal the practical steps that will facilitate communication of the state and the third sector, would be the abolition of Article 193-1 of the Criminal Code (activities on behalf of unregistered organization) and the approval of the Concept of development of civil society in Belarus, developed by the Assembly of NGOs.

Let we recall that the Association of civil unions, the Assembly, has developed a Concept of civil society in Belarus. The Concept should tell the authorities the ways towards creating an enabling environment for civil society development, the revitalization of civil initiatives and improving the legislation on NGOs.

From the Concept it is evident that in order to improve the conditions of NGOs the authority should take the following practical steps: “to introduce the declarative principle of registration of civil organizations, to lift the ban on the use of private apartments as a legal address of nonprofit organizations, to abolish Article 193-1 of the Criminal Code, which are treated almost any independent initiative of citizens as a crime.”

It should be noted that similar concepts were adopted in EU countries (e.g. Croatia, Hungary, Great Britain, France, Estonia, etc.), as well as in some CIS countries – Ukraine and Kazakhstan at the legislation level. “This practice is exemplary because it helps the development of democracy and civil society,” – noted in the collective appeal of the NGOs leaders to members of the Advisory Council.

According to belngo.info

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