2010 18/09
Ales Bialacki

Ales Bialacki

In Belarus erroneous working conditions are created for independent mass media, especially on the eve of presidential elections. Vice president of International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), the chairman of unregistered Human Right centre “Viasna” Ales Bialiatsky talked about it on September 16 at the press conference devoted to the beginning of campaign “Human right defenders for free elections”.

“It’s hard to regard any other country with the same mass media situation as in Belarus. Absence of independent TV and radio channels, existing newspapers and new unregistered periodic being put pressure upon, refusal of accreditation to journalists who work for foreign mass media working in Belarusian subject, – that’s what we see and what hasn’t been changing for the last years”, – human right activist placed the emphasis.

Quoting Alies Bialiatsky Belarusian human right defenders hope of the further close interrelation with independent Belarusian mass media, especially during presidential election campaign. Ales Bialiatsky accentuated that human right organizations are ready to land any assistance and help for independent journalists.

Source: BAJ media office

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