2009 10/09
Генадзь Коршун

G. Korshun

Apparently, the officials decided to close the problem of “the lack of socialization in the society” for the only Belarusian-speaking student in this educational institution in this way.

It is worth to recall that after the ban by the Decision № 928 of Zhodzina executive committee of the Belarusian Class, where a Belarusian-language teenager, Yanka Lapitski, studied, in its latest response to the parents the head of the Board of education of the Minsk regional executive committee, Mr. Danilevich, supports this discriminatory Decision with this motivation; as well as almost formally agreed to the plan of local authorities, namely, to force to Russian-language teaching.

The state officials try to implement exactly that plan by any means, even by the rough brutal-illegal means, violating the constitutional rights and international standards, guaranteed by the state to its citizens.

The thing that happened today, on 09.09.200 in the Gymnasium № 1 in Zhodzina could not be qualified otherwise …

Indeed, as reported to us today, on 09.09.2009, Yanka’s father, Aliaksei Lapitski: “Yanka was not allowed to enter the room today, where he studied all the time and began to study from 1 September this year as well.”

“Our son was actually forcibly withdrawn from the Gymnasium and escorted back to the house by the director, Mr. G. Korshun. Thus, the administration of the Gymnasium № 1 hoped forcibly to implement in action its oral recent threat of termination of Belarusian-language learning within the Gymnasium building before obtaining the special prior written decision in this regard from the Ministry of Education.”

“Yesterday, on 08.09.2009, I was forced to write the request to the Minister of Education almost from dictation in the director’s office …”, – explains the father of Yanka, Aliaksei Lapitski.

– Blackmailing the future of our son’s education, the director suddenly started laying down ever new demands, conditions. At the same time, arrangements and positions guaranteed by the Gymnasium, namely, providing with the previous classroom and ensuring an adequate level of gymnasium education, with selected earlier specialization in Belarusian language, suddenly began to be unilaterally violated. This happened after the “consultations of Director in the Executive Committee” on a document represented by us and agreed in advance necessary for the continuation of the learning process through the home form of education.

Everything looks so that the director tries to perform exactly the requirements of the executive bodies, and the existing regulations, even those that come into conflict with the inalienable, supreme constitutional right of citizens to obtain guaranteed by the state the necessary level of secondary education free of charge in their own state language.

And indeed, for the violation, for instance, of the “oral improper order” or of the “provisions of some instruction …” the official REALLY RUNS RISKS (that’s why he fears), but for the violation of citizens’ CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS and provisions of the basic law of the country under present conditions in Belarus … the official has no danger (?!). And it is this, and nothing else … undermines the existing Constitutional order in the country. The official and instruction run the Basic Law!?

It is even more surprisingly that the resistance to the Belarusian-language education in the Gymnasium № 1 observed today occurs despite the fact that the parents made everything, even the most controversial conditions imposed by the director. No one pays attention to that. Meanwhile, there are no formal written replies on the filed claims neither from the Gymnasium № 1 (Mr. Korshun), nor from the Education Department of Minsk Regional Executive Committee (Mr. Danilevich), nor from the Ministry of Education (Mr. Radzkou).

The last requirement for parents from the director, Mr. Korshun, to write a statement to the Minister of Education … was done timely, on 08.09.2009, by Aliaksei Lapitski. It should be noted that this initiative of the head of Zhodzina educational institution bring bewilderment in the Ministry.

Thus, according to Aliaksei Lapitski, the responsible employee of the Ministry of Education, Ms. Bulaukina even offered not to make any additional statements since the granting of the premises upon request of parents to continue training of the student (as it was previously claimed also by the Deputy Head of Education Department of Minsk Regional Executive Committee, Ms. Malets) is a technical matter and can be solved in the working order by the school board. In the last resort, this issue should be resolved with no obstacles at the level of leadership of the Office of Education of Minsk Regional Executive Committee, as the situation in the Gymnasium № 1 was taken there on a proper control (!?) …

That’s how control is obtained! While officials at various levels “push away” “Yanka’s case”, no one undertakes to “give a green light” first for the Belarusian-language education of the Belarusian-speaking student in Zhodzina.

At this time, the directorate of the Gymnasium № 1 in Zhodzina decided, apparently, to make pressure on the weakest … And who they are? Of course there are Belarusian-speaking parents and student vulnerable in this situation and who are simply deprived the right to Belarusian-language education within the Belarusian educational institution until the receiving another “bureaucratic order” (!?).

Meanwhile in Zhodzina, despite the critical situation for parents and student, in the morning, on the way back home Yanka “suddenly changed his mind” to listen to the zealous “well-wishers”, turned emphatically and went back to his Gymnasium … And despite the fact that he was never allowed to enter his usual room for training… (for some time the student was kept in the premises of the social teacher) first in the premises of school library (!?), and then in the premises of the pioneer room (!?) teachers held his scheduled classes. Only the first lesson in chemistry was shortened.

However, as noted by parents, in spite of their statements, for the last 5 school days there was no hour of his main school subject (!?), English, which he had previously studied for 5 hours per school week.

Indeed, looks like it is early to make a point in “Zhodzina case”……

However, it became increasingly clear that some powerful “boss” from the top is very frustrated by the situation, when in the building of Gymnasium № 1 in Zhodzina, despite the reports of the ideologues and the official press, in front of everyone … there is “unbelievably horrible”, Belarusian training still continues here…

So, the official responses to the parents’ claims still “stay in the air” … And the authorities do not want to “bend” under the “weight” of the Constitutional duties of law enforcement … The “stupor” of the human rights protection in Belarusian society is becoming more noticeable … And until the case comes before Justice … obsessive anti-Belarusian “primitiveness” decided to take matters into their own “hairy hands” …

Zhodzina authorities, thus, apparently, decided to deal with undesirable “Belarusian-language problems” in the peasant simple way, by elementary physical impact, discriminatory abuse and psychological violence …

The Directorate of the Gymnasium № 1 in Zhodzina closes its doors for the Belarusian-speaking student and … And where do you think “Procurator” looks at this time…!?

Ales Volny,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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