2010 08/09

Barys Buhiel, Mahileu

Mahiliou human right center lodged an appeal for decision of regional economic court.
According to this decision non-governmental organization must pay to community services of Mahiliou Lenin district 13 millions 658 thousands rubles rent debt. (further – orthography of primary source)

Human right activists consider that court delivered its judgment after non-objective analysis of community services’ complaint.
Quoting member of Mahiliou human right centre Barys Buhiel, the reason of this court fight was the fact that there is no strict criteria in Belarusian legislation which define humanitarian consistent of non-commercial organizations. Community services and officials define them by themselves. Will a public organization get to the list of privileged rent coefficient or not depends on their decision.

Mahiliou human right centre didn’t get into that list.

The underpayment was calculated from April 24, 2008. As human right defenders state, they learned about these claims only before court, which was held on August 10.

If economic court panel doesn’t allow annulment, human right activists will have to pay. But they don’t have such a great amount of money. The appeal must be considered before September 22.

Mahiliou human right centre was created in 1998. It accords free law and juristic assistance to the population. Since 2006 the organization has been the member of Executive committee Department of Justice Commission on observing places of detention in the region. The head of the Commission is the member of human right centre. The non-governmental organization also takes active part in election campaigns.

Quoting Radio Svaboda

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