2010 14/09

Mіkalai Khalezin

The head of the Free Theater was threatened after the publication of his article about Aleh Biabenin’s death.

The threat appeared in Mikalai Khalezin’s blog. Anonymous authors threaten to beat him up in the porch of his house or fake a traffic accident.

‘In general, you can just disappear in the evening, while taking away your waste bin. And when you drive your crap car along the city look around, brakes of some trucks are out of order sometimes. A drunk driver can’t be called to account, but you may not have chance to get into a hospital bed with a dropper even being transported by an ambulance. It is, …, a verbal warning to you, later you’ll have calls that will be unpleasant for your health. And if you won’t understand after all, then, on the whole, you get it all’, – the anonymous letter says, in particular.

We are reminding that Mikalai Khalezin conducts his own investigation of the death of his friend, founder and leader of site charter97.org Aleh Biabenin. Recently he has shared his reflections about it in his article Uncomfortable questions.

Source: Charter`97

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