2009 10/09

Janka LapickiOn 10 September 2009 as usual, early in the morning Belarusian teenager, Yanka Lapitski, got up and went to the Gymnasium № 1 … and as it turned out later no longer in his Gymnasium …

As yesterday, doors to his school room were closed. Therefore, the student was waiting for the teachers for 35 minutes until the Gymnasium administration concerned his case…

The secretary with the permission of the director has registered another claim of parents. The director, Mr. Korshun, demanded that claim from the parents of Yanka yesterday on 09.09.2009, though without responding to the earlier claims. (See appendix).

Everyone was waiting that the classes on Belarusian-language program will resume in the room of Gymnasium № 1, namely, after the forced closure of educational facilities on 09.09.2009. However, the directorate, as we can see, had other plans …

Yanka has been just brought home and escorted to the door of the apartment. At that the director told him that in order to open the room for his classes in the Gymnasium his parents need to write another statement (!) with the bases of their claim, and further indicating that it is impossible to use the apartment now to do due to illness of family members …

When the request was fulfilled, Yanka brought the claim to the Gymnasium …

However, even more odd things happened later… The secretary simply refused to register the claim required by the director and made urgently by the parents (!). She needed permission from the director for that (!), but he was not in the workplace.

Moreover, when a student with a teacher of English, placed in the school library, just started classes, a social teacher, Halina Lepauka, discovered them and on behalf of the director of the Gymnasium banned (!?) to held a lesson on the territory of educational institutions. (!?) Thus, the lesson which could take place as yesterday, in the library room, was foiled by the school administration. Yanka only managed to get homework. Thus, parents’ expectations to continue the teaching of their son within the Gymnasium № 1 in Zhodzina again proved fruitless.

In the very morning Yanka’s father held urgent negotiations with the employee of the reception desk of the Minister of Education, Mr. Aliaksandr Trafimchuk. As the result of negotiations, due to the absence in the workplace or being busy of high governing body (respectively – Mr. Radzkou and Mr. Faryna), Mr. Trafimchuk promised to speak urgently to the head of General Directorate of Ministry of Education, Mr. Yury Hladkou. He explained that the Ministry of Education will try to respond in writing rapidly to the claims filed by the parents, taken into consideration the state in which they were placed today by the actions of local authorities.

However, as it is apparent, the situation with the decision № 928 of Zhodzina executive committee “sticks in the throat” of both Zhodzina Gymnasium № 1, and the high educational institutions of the Ministry of Education … The parents of Yanka and their son deprived of the right to Belarusian-language education at Gymnasium level, continue to suffer from the decision № 928 as well. They were literally forced to confront the fact of refusal to provide the educational services in Belarusian language under the program of gymnasium level guaranteed by the state.

The extreme stressful circumstances were created artificially despite the complexity of the health state of family members of Yanka Lapitski as well as the risk of its deterioration. These extreme circumstances connected today with the daily physical prohibition of education for teenager in the Gymnasium that is authorized from the top and grows with renewed vigor.

Thus, at the end of today’s “battle”, after receiving all required statements of the parents, the director of the Gymnasium № 1, Mr. Henadz Korshun, called to Aliaksei Lapitski and decided to open him “terrifying secret” … The head of state educational institution admitted that the decision to prohibit to provide a room for further training of Yanka Lapitski in the Gymnasium he got as a new order at some “selective meeting of the Executive Committee.” The meeting was attended by the head of Zhodzina executive committee, Mr. Vasil Hryshchanka, the leadership of educational departments of Zhodzina and even Minsk Regional executive committee … And today’s Gymnasium policy is approved by the leadership at the level of Yauhen Haryda (Zhodzina) and Taisa Danilevich (Mensk). Therefore, he, Mr. Korshun, will not provide a room for Belarusian-language teaching of Yanka in any case (!?).

At the same time the Director of the Gymnasium № 1 is already expressed openly his threat to Aliaksei Lapitski that if the parents fail to provide their own apartment for the classes they will be charged in the “negligence”, and they will be put in their place through the commission of the juvenile of Zhodzina executive committee … With the obstinacy he voiced the option of Yanka’s training in the Gymnasium № 1 that is strongly suggested by the executive committee today, and is the only possible option in his view. This option is the training of Belarusian-language schoolboy in the 8 “A” Class on Russian-language program (!?).

Moreover, when the minor, Yanka Lapitski, came home he told his parents that his director, Mr. Korshun, spoke to him before the boy left home, and told him the “terrible things”!

It turns out that the chief administrator of an educational institution tried to put a psychological pressure on the child in the absence of the parents. He tried to intimidate the student himself with the fact that “tomorrow morning all teachers will stand at the door of his apartment”, that “he will not let go in the room of the Gymnasium, and if the parents refuse to let the teachers go in the apartment, another report will be prepared and filed to punish his neglectful parents” … As the only way out of the situation the director of the Gymnasium № 1, Mr. Korshun, named the training in the room of the Gymnasium № 1 on Russian-language program with 8 “A” Class. At the same time, he managed to convince a teenager that he would feel “good” there and no one will reduce his marks if he does something in Belarusian (!?).

Thus, the situation is cleared up at most. Customers of discriminatory Decision № 928 of the executive committee have not yet named, but we can see active and sustained “fighters” for the extermination of residues of Belarusian cultural heritage in a school education system in Zhodzina. There are Mr. Vasil Hryshchanka (the head of the local executive committee), Mr. Yauhen Haryd and Mr. Shulzhyk, the director of the Gymnasium № 1, Mr. Henadz Karshun, the head of Education Department of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee, Taisa Danilevich …

The claim written today by Yanka’s parents and brought to the Gymnasium by the student in the morning was registered by the secretary only at 13.00, after the permission of the director.

There are such logic, legal culture and national consciousness of today’s “local” nomenclature…

For “lack of socialization in the society” (according to Danilevich …) of Belarusian-speaking student in Zhodzina, it turns out, next required:
– radical measures forced him to train in Russian or
– complete “evacuation of Belarusian-speaking educational platform” from the territory of public educational institutions to the “home-apartment reservation” that is completely isolated from the student’s society (!?).

In this case, neither the first one that is totally mocking, unlawful and unconstitutional, nor the second one that alters a Belarusian-speaking boy in his “Belarusian country” to a hostage of temporary circumstances, instructions, references or will of “masters of the vertical power” in the existing completely decentralized … system. And this situation is unacceptable to the boy and his parents because of its legal discrimination, compulsion and groundlessness.

Thus, the repressive nature of acts of “regime” in Zhodzina against the family of human rights defenders, who through the education system here solves a question of another political-ideological “cleaning” before the new electoral farces in the country, is no longer in doubt.

What are the broken down and totally unlawful motivation of ban of the Belarusian-language classes in Zhodzina, as “the need for savings” and “lack of socialization in the society” … It was mentioned above about the second. And about the first everything seems to have long forgotten….

It is because the executive committee simply understands its absurdity and unlawfulness. It can not name or set the amount of losses from the exercising of Yanka’s parents of the inalienable civil right of their son to free education in the Belarusian language in the Gymnasium № 1 in Zhodzina of the Republic of Belarus guaranteed by the Constitution of Belarus, without the violation of the Basic Law.

Therefore, the calculation in this regard has not yet been presented. But the executive committee does not name an amount, which prompted the local authorities to the totally predictable, meaningful and specially initiated violent actions (actions to force the Belarusian-language student to the Russian-speaking teaching in Zhodzina). And these actions discriminate student’s parents as well as the student on national, linguistic and political grounds.

THEREFORE, it could be noted that in the Belarusian society the ground for the full-scale, purposeful and consistent … new-old (as, incidentally, in the indicative Zhodzina case) cleaning of dissent has already ripened … New wave ripped for its destructiveness. And the “live targets” are already identified and approved at “selective” meetings … Political-ideological, and international-integration … economic conditions … have ripened …

At that, the Belarusian-speaking citizens are seen here, in Belarus that is pretend to be a center of Europe, as an “imperfection” of the existing authoritarian system … (!?) They prevent the peaceful existence of “right ideology” and negatively affect other, the unity under the “permitted pluralism of ideas formed at the top”, the beautiful “presentable picture” and not less thrilling “democratization rhetoric” of the ruling regime … They are asocial here, as the correct society is an electorate who “speak correct” and “understand” the superiors … And they are not like …

Therefore, there is LINGUOCIDE “outside”…
The doors are closed … – next stop is ethno

Of what may be the continuation of that word or Zhodzina “STORY” … depends where our country will be in the very near future!

There are signs of this across the country: the case of human rights activist Leanid Svetsik, non-registration of the most famous in the world Belarusian human rights organizations “Nasha Viasna” … and, anti-Belarusian fuss in a provincial-capital Zhodzina that disregards the Basic Law and international standards of law.

Naturally, the situation will not be over just afterwards the case of model harsh treatment with the Belarusian-speaking family of human rights defender. The decisiveness of authority’s “martinets” under full silence of “the generals” says a lot here. Decentralization of responsibility is in action here. Generals will pronounce beautiful “speeches for” … but together with this “music” the purposefully “sharp” and cynically shameless “cleaning” will be done on the social-political field covered with “the right peace” of monopolized media … Forest is cut down … Wherever you look around the country … And there … and here …

However, for the “poor low forest” the main thing is not to get into a “cleaning” … at the time when our truth, our dignity, our national SHRINE are sacrificed to our “idol” at the squares of our freedom

And the “train” in our “subway” could go either on a “shameful and fatal direction” mentioned above … or vice versa, forward the stations Victory Square, Independence to the “Institute of Culture” …

And WHERE do YOU want to go?

Please, hurry up with the choice!

The main here how not be mistaken with the direction, friends-comrades-gentlemen …!?

Ales Volny,
Belarusian Legal Portal

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