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On 19 September, police summoned democratic activists Uladzimir Malerchuk, Alaiksei Syudak and Ales Narkevich in Vailejka. A protocol on administrative violation was drawn up against them. They are charged with violation of the law “On Mass Events” during the installation of crosses in memory of the repressed people. The case will go to court next week.

Each of the accused on 15 September earlier signed a petition against the demolition of the memorial crosses at the place where Rastsislau Lapitski was shot. But instead of examining the petition, police informed them that an administrative process is instituted against them. Vailejka Executive Committee appealed to the District Interior Department in order that the police deal with the participants of the unsanctioned meeting. “Unsanctioned meeting” – that is how the District Executive Committee’s ideologues called the event of the installation of crosses. There is also an attached request of Vailejka forestry’s director, Mr. Kasiak that asks to “deal” with the crosses on the land in his territory.

The activists explained that the event could not be named as a “meeting”. After all, the meetings are characterized by “the statement of requirements, discussion on the socio-political issues, drawing attention to the problems and so forth. On 1 September, the birthday of Rastsislau Lapitski, people just laid flowers at the shooting place and setup the memorial crosses during the civil funeral. During the procedure the only thing apparent is that the place where Lapitski was shot is a memorial and that we should remember our heroes.

Remembrance of ancestors is banned?! But vandalism …? In Belarus could it also be right?!

According to vilejka.org
Ales Leta,
Belarusian Legal Portal

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