2010 02/08
Мікалай Кулеш, Менск

Мikalai Кulesh, Меnsk

Higher educational officials act as if nothing happened after they have violated Zhodzina Belarusian-speaking teenager’s right to education. It’s been almost a year since Yanka Lapitsky forcedly hasn’t been getting education in the only gymnasium in the region – Gymnasium #1.

But everything looks good on paper. In the official reply of the head of Minsk Education department Mr. Kulesh to the head of TBM (Belarusian Language Association) n.a F.Skaryna Aleh Trusau, Mr. Kulesh even tries to convince Mr. Trusau that Zhodzina problem doesn’t exist.

In the same time the official form Minsk writes about certain achievements in the sphere of Belarusian language education in Minsk region and gives general demonstrational numbers.

In particular, Mr. Kulesh writes that “there is a possibility to study in Zhodzina in one of the two official languages” (ed.: we have to guess in which one?) and “Eduation Department of Zhodzina and administration of educational establishment “Gymnasium #1” suggested several variants of Yan Lapitsky getting education in Belarusian language” (…?)

Indeed, we get the impression that in 2009 there hasn’t been any problems with closing the only mini class with Belarusian-language education in Gymnasium #1, or it has been solved positively and Belarusian teenager has the opportunity to study education in the gymnasium in native language.

For this reason the head of TBM n.a F.Skaryna Aleh Trusau asked parents of Yanka Lapitsky to come and speak about the situation – see letter of A.Trusau in attachment #2. It’s getting very sad when you see situation in Zhodzina – discrimination actions of local authorities towards Belarusian-speaking citizens and their children who have been forces during 2009-2010 school years to refuse the right to choose the language of education and certain beliefs.

The same official whose name was in the demand-letter sent by the head of Town Education Administration of Minsk executive committee V.Hryshchanka to the head of Zhodzina executive committee T.Danilievich about closing the Belarusian-speaking class in Zhodzina, now in his reply to TBM writes about the heavy “task-oriented activity on popularization and widening of Belarusian language in the society’s life” in Minsk region. He also notes that “Minsk region is leading in the amount of Belarusian-speaking classes”.

It only remains to ask this Belarusian-speaking teenager Yanka Lapitsky and his parents about the real situation with education in Belarusian language in Zhodzina.

Alaksiej Lapicki

Alaksiej Lapicki

In connection with this the father of Yanka LapitskyAliaksiey Lapitsky noted that after forced closing in 2009 school year of Belarusian-speaking class (8th grade) in Zhodzina Gymnasium #1 where our son Yanka has been studying for 7 years, the situation hasn’t changed at all. It was lawless and discriminative and it remained so now.

– After our last appeal to the Gymnasium #1 and Zhodzina TEA (ed.: see article and replies here) in which we have asked to organize full-quality gymnasium education for our son at least in the last school term and prepare him to get a proper attestation for 2009-2010 school year, there wasn’t any appeals from the representatives of these establishments to us or any adequate suggestions about continuing Belarusian-speaking education and Yan’s attestation. And there also were no contacts with the representatives of these establishments lately.

Last suggestions from the headship of Gymnasium #1 (U.Karshun) and Zhodzina TEA (Y.Haryd) about education with English specialization of Belarusian-speaking teenager were either to study in Russian in Gymnasium #1 or in Belarusian language somewhere in the nearby village, in Zhodzina boarding-school, at home (in 2009) or by the individual program with consulting meetings and holding exams in Gymnasium in 2010. These suggestions can’t be considered adequate and legal in the given situation, because the parents and the pupil himself have made their choice of gymnasium and Belarusian-language education long ago.

– All these suggestions including the last one to study individually in Belarusian language at home don’t solve the problem created by officials, they only show Zhodzina and Minsk officials’ lack of understanding the essence of Constitutional right and corresponding personal duties of guaranteeing this inherent right.

– The only way to solve the problem is to annul the lawless decree and recover forcedly deprived Constitutional right.

– All attempts to abrogate this right and to force the parents to refuse their own choice and beliefs forcedly, by deceitful actions or by any other means are completely lawless and must be penalized according to the law.

– Naturally, these actions can’t solve the problem created by officials. – We can’t consider legal and rightful neither this forced liquidation of the last Belarusian-speaking mini-class in Zhodzina where Yanka studied, nor the situation in which our inherent right to choose the language and the type of education for our Belarusian-speaking son has been violated for a year already.
To sum up, the situation groundlessly created by officials in Zhodzina hasn’t been solved yet.

And it is really no doubt that every Belarusian in Belarus has onstitutional right to get qualified (in our case – gymnasium) education and study in Belarusian language in the educational establishment which he or she entered at the beginning and where he or she lives with parents – native town and motherland.

So why do all answerable officials of the ruling vertical in Zhodzina and Minsk ignore this obvious postulate!? What does the higher leadership of the Ministry of Education think? Where are law-enforcement authorities, investigators and prosecutors? Where is our Belarusian the most reasonable court in the world?

Who does really rule in this country?! People, citizens and their Constitutional rights or a “bunch of … functionaries” who even can’t understand the core of the problem and their own place in this “power suit”?

No matter what happens in regions, with people and their everyday needs, rights and freedoms…, no matter what mockery does frightened people suffer from nomenclature-bureaucracy lawlessness, they keep on reporting the same thing “IT’S ALL RIGHT, THERE ARE NO PROBLEMS”…

But the reality shows us quite the opposite…


1) Answer of the head of the Main Education Association of Minsk regional executive committee – M.Kulesh

2) Answer of the head of Belarusian language Association n.a. F.Skaryna – A.Trusau

3) The letter with demand to close Belarusian-speaking class in Zhodzina Gymnasium #1 signed by T.Danilevich and prepared by M.Kulesh (?)


The document which disappeared from the case in Zhodzina town court…

Ales Volny,
Belarusian LEGAL PORTAL,

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