2010 27/08
Ю.Варонежцаў, Гомель

Yury Varoniezhtsau, Homel

On August 25 Homiel Central court started issuing Larysa Varoniezhtsava’s complaint to investigation department of Homiel Regional Executive Committee’s Internal Affairs Directorate. Public activist Yury varoniezhtsau’s wife demands recovery of property and money – $4700 to her and her children.

Let’s remind you that there was a house-check of his flat on May 18 which happened because of Mr.Varoniezhtsau’s cooperation with the public campaign “Havary praudu” (“Tell the truth”).
The decree was issued by the investigating officer of Minsk Leninsky Regional Department of Internal Affairs Viktoryja Jukhnievich according to Criminal Code’s article 250 – dissemination of false information about goods and services. And Homiel militia officers executed the decree.

Local human rights activists Anatol Paplauny and Leanid Sudalienka keep watch over the process.

Anatol Paplauny: None of the representatives of Investigation department came to the court session today; they probably have nothing to say in court. When militia officers checked the flat and confiscated property they didn’t even know and couldn’t explain according to which article of criminal code they act, so they confiscated property in their discretion. How in the framework of law can be justified confiscation of money, notebook of under-aged daughter on which she did her homework or cell-phone of disabled son?

Leanid Sudalienka: As is known, according to article 210 of Criminal Code of Republic of Belarus, at search and confiscation an investigator and officer must be limited to choose only things and documents referring to the case. But in the given case we see that persons executing the house-search confiscated personal things and money of all members of the family which have nothing to do with the criminal case mentioned above.

The next court session is set on September 27 of the current year.

Quoting business dissemination,
Prepared by Ales Leta,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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