2009 01/09
Карней Пятровіч

Кarniej Piatrovich

On 11 September a preliminary hearing of the court was held in Baranavichy district court (Judge Petr Makaday). The complaint of a lawyer, Mr. Karney, on Baranavichy State University (BarSU) was considered on the hearing.

As reported by human rights activist Siarhei Housha since 1998 Karney Piatrovich worked as a lecturer for 7 years, and as the chair of the financial and law faculty of Baranavichy branch of the Institute of Law for the last 4 years, and was later transferred to the newly formed Baranavichy State University. But contract was not renewed with Karney Piatrovich because of the participation in parliamentary elections in 2004 and he had to find another job.

This spring Karney Piatrovich applied for participation in the contest to take a lecturer position at the same financial and law faculty of BarSU, which at the time of application has been vacant, but again, the Council of the university did not approve his candidature. No one brought the motives why it had happened. However, the place remained vacant till September. Meanwhile, in court, the representative of the university, Zhana Karchyk stated that all positions are occupied and someone will combine jobs.

In his complaint Karney Piatrovich noted that there are some lecturers in the BarSU who work not only without pedagogic education but without education on specialty at all. Thus, this year, for example, an agronomist lectures in this university. As a whole only 7 lecturers out of 26 are in staff, the others first come, then leave.

Mr. Piatrovich asks the court to require the BarSU present a list of employees who work in the university (on permanent positions and who was chosen on a competitive basis) to the next hearing. A list of employees should contain information about their education, work experience, published scientific papers, etc. in order the court was convinced of Mr. Piatrovich’s rightfulness. However, the representatives of BarSU expressed a protest to such a request.

Mr. Piatrovich recalled that this year in April at the Faculty council when his application was considered he was asked: “Here we have an organization “Belaya Rus’”, and you are the member of Shushkevich’s party, so, tell us, how will you combine that?”

Karney Piatrovich considers the denial of work as discrimination on political grounds.

The next court hearing is scheduled on 22 September.

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