2009 14/09
Васіль Грышчанка, Жодзінскі выканкам

Vasil Hryshchanka, Zhodzina executive committee

Under the new order of the executive committee of Zhodzina of 09.09.2009 the Gymnasium № 1 has closed its doors, in a literal sense, for its Belarusian-speaking student, Yanka Lapitski. On 12 September 2009 Yanka’s parents have received a response from 09.09.2009 of the Executive Committee on their claim № 3 of 28.08.2009.

There is no answer to the request in the “response” as usual, but it contains a reference to the “Law on Languages in the Republic of Belarus” of 26.01.2990 on № 3094-XI, which states that “training and educational work in educational institutions is conducted in Belarus and (or) in Russian.” (!?)

From the response we can conclude that the head of the executive committee of Zhodzina, Mr. Hryshchanka, only offered to teach the Belarusian-speaking teenager, who studied in Belarusian language for 7 years, in Russian “with additional study of Belarusian language at the level of extracurricular activities.” (!?)

Furthermore, the response to the parents of a teenager who was actually refused to study in Belarusian language at the Gymnasium’s territory (teaching room for Yanka Lapitski was closed on 08.09.2009 by order of the director) describes quasi-normal and quasi-real fulfillment of the provision of educational services in Belarusian language at home. The facts of violation of agreement on the location and level of further training are not mentioned in the response.

Ales Lapitski commented the given response.

– Even if to accept the logic of the executive committee as a “new nomenclature-bureaucratic standard” still it is not possible to find a consistent rule in the practical implementation of the “standard”. On the one hand government can not violate the regulation that leads to the displacement of Belarusian-language education from the Gymnasium № 1 and can not make an exception in favour of home teaching at the request of parents in the room of Gymnasium. And on the other hand they automatically and very simply violate the rules of both specialized and the Basic Law of the Republic of Belarus, according to which it is not possible to register the teenager in any class without his consent and consent of his parents (or legal representatives).

Alaksiej Lapicki

Alaksiej Lapicki

Whatever one may say, we should admit, there is entirely different logic here, namely, the logic of purposeful exclusion of the Belarusian language from the only Gymnasium in Zhodzina region, the logic of the discriminatory harassment of the family of human rights defenders, civil society activists on national, linguistic and political grounds, the logic of the discriminatory harassment ordered from the top.

In this regard, Yanka’s parents sent just another claim together with their explanation of the existing critical situation to the executive committee of Zhodzina on 14.09.2009.

It is noted in the claim that the fact of registration of Yanka Lapitski to Russian-speaking 8 “A” Class is unlawful; and “home form” of teaching is realized today “as a mechanism of discrimination and coercion”. It is “a mechanism of discrimination and coercion” in our case because Yanka’s parents never gave consent to the insulation in the “home Belarusian-speaking reservation” of their Belarusian-speaking son with a clear deprivation of his pupils’ society, as well as to the elimination of the Belarusian-specialized gymnasium courses.”

Moreover, in the case of non-submission of regular medical certificate in half of a year Yanka again will be sent to the Russian-speaking 8 “A” class by force (!) … Such a suspended state is a mechanism of constant psychological pressure and discrimination …

Taking into consideration the illegitimacy of Decision No. 928, the fact of violation of constitutional norms and the relevant international human rights standards enshrined in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the applicants ask local authorities to remove artificially created by them problem and to return the situation in the constitutional and legal course.

Attachments in Belarusian and Russian see in the publication

Ales Vonly
Belarusian Legal Portal

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