2009 23/09
Міністар адукацыі, Радзькоў А.М.

Education minister, Radzkou А.М.

They asked the head of the Ministry of Education to execute the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus unconditionally as the country’s Basic Law, as well as the international standards of law in the area of civil rights and freedoms.

Parents of Belarusian-speaking student, Aliaksei Lapitsky and Sviatlana Lapitskaya made its strongest protest directly to the Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus, Mr. Aliaksandr Radzkou, in response to just another formal reply from Ministry of Education.

They recalled the legal liability of high officials for the methodic and systematic discrimination against them and their Belarusian-speaking son Yanka on national and linguistic grounds, as well as for the consistent disregard of the natural needs of their Belarusian-speaking family, the purposeful creation of artificial barriers and the deprivation of the right to education in the state Belarusian language in the Gymnasium № 1 of Zhodzina.

Aliaksei Lapitsky noticed that even seemingly inconspicuous detail as the number of official document indicates the formal nature of response. Indeed, the response from 22.09.2009 contains the same registration number as the previous one, from 08.09.2009.

It is obvious that the content of both letters actually shows that the Ministry of Education in this particular matter does not aim to stop the violation of citizens’ rights to education in Zhodzina even today. The Ministry simply does not perform its functions on coordinating the activities of educational institutions in Belarus; as well as its functions enforcement actions of their leaders, and their own regulations and documents – in line with the requirements of the Constitution and international standards of law binding on all subject’s rights in the country.

Thus, the direction of the Ministry of Education of Belarus, referring to an absolutely secondary law and motives in comparison with the imperative of Constitutional Law, and shifting the responsibility to the executive local authorities, refuses to enforce its own responsibilities to ensure the right to education for Belarusian-speaking citizens in Belarus.

Deputy Minister of Education, Mr. Faryna, in fact, ignores the existing discriminatory situation in his response, as well as does not address the legitimate requests and demands of citizens.

It appears that officials are completely agree with everything made by Zhodzina Executive Committee whose Decision No. 928, with reference to need of savings money, forcibly stopped further training in Belarusian language for Belarusian-speaking student in Zhodzina Gymnasium № 1.

As a result, the official responses, in fact, do not answer any of the questions and claims of Yanka’s parents. They completely ignore the explanations, requests and protests of Belarusian-speaking citizens discriminated till now as well as of civil society activists and human rights defenders in Zhodzina.

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