2009 23/09

“Amnesty Іnternational” appealed to Aliaxandar Lukashenka on the third denial in registration of human rights advocacy association “Our Viasna.”

In the letter, in particular, it is said:

“Amnesty Іnternational” believes that further denial of the application for registration of “Our Spring” is an attempt of the official authorities to prevent the members of association to fulfill their legitimate work as human rights defenders. After recent decision of the Supreme Court the founders of “Our spring” have declared about their intention to continue the human rights advocacy despite the risk of prosecution under article 193.1 of the Belarusian Criminal Code …”

In its letter, “Amnesty Іnternational” asks the Belarusian authorities to allow the registration of “Our spring”, to remove the article 193.1 of the Criminal Code, which provides for liability for the activities on behalf of an unregistered organization, and to allow people to exercise their right to freedom of association.

According to spring96.org,
Ales Leta.

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