2009 26/09
Салідарнасьць і ўзаемападтрымка

Solidarity and brotherhood

For attention of data exchange participants: HR defenders, lowers and legal experts …

Two additional new subsections are introduced on the legal portal (see table of contents and related links).

These are:

1) Subsection to the educational category, LEGAL EDUCATION, entitled “Revision of content of appeals to the UN Human Rights Committee”;

2) Subsection to the category SEARCH HELP called “on the appeals to the UN Human Rights Committee”.

These subsections will contain examples of appeals to the UN Human Rights Committee, prepared and elaborated on content.

This will be done to improve the quality of documents sent from Belarus to the UN Human Rights Committee. This will help to increase the number of complaints accepted for consideration by the UN Human Rights Committee and thus, will increase their final success.

Thus, we will present the documents and copies of the statements to the UN Human Rights Committee … for further discussion on the merits, in the comments section and on a specialized forum.

This activity is of interest for the following reasons:

1) For educational and practical purposes,

2) To assist applicants to finalize the content of documents.

It is assumed that this possibility will collectively refine the content of the statements with the help of concerned colleagues, human rights activists, lawyers and law experts, including international ones. It will open the opportunity to apply the proposed views and advices, specific legal arguments for specific cases, educational or professional activities … to every new prospective applicant, students of legal professions and anyone interested in this theme …

This platform can be a good foundation for the accumulation of relevant practical experience and exchange of opinions on a particular subject that is entirely consistent with the primary objectives of the Belarusian Legal Portal. It aims at expanding and deepening the process of implementation of international human rights standards in the field of civil rights and liberties in the national legislation and judicial practice in Belarus.

Hence, we propose to participants interested in information exchange and communication in this area, to submit for consideration and discussion (here, in the comments section, and in the framework of the target section of a specialized forum), copies of their own appeals to the UN Human Rights Committee for further refinement.

As a result of discussions and revisions, based on the generated scale of the criteria adopted by the community, the statements perspective for the long-term goals of promoting human rights in Belarus will be selected. They will then be translated into English and will be accompanied by international partners-lawyers, from the time of submission to the time of consideration of applications in the UN Human Rights Committee.

All marked activities will be implemented within the Information Center at the Belarusian Human Rights House in Vilnius (HRH Center).



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