2010 25/08
Uladzimer Vialichkin, Bierascie

Uladzimer Vialichkin

Uladzimir Vialichkin and Uladzimir Malei, co-founders of the Brest Viasna human rights association, have addressed the city’s justice department with a statement, demanding to reverse the 20 August court verdict, denying state registration to the HR group.

According to Mr. Vialichkin, ‘by this statement we are giving the justice department an opportunity to correct the trivial errors and preserve face under current circumstances.’

On 20 June, Brest Viasna was for a tenth time denied registration due to an inaccuracy in a certificate issued by the city’s department of internal affairs.

One thought on “Brest Viasna HR group seeks registration”

  1. Ruslan P. says:

    Dobraha dnya.
    Zvertayetsya da Vas Ruslan.
    Magchyma pamiatajeccie wykladowca z Polshchy.
    Kali magchyma haciel by atrymac adkaz ad Uladzimira Alaksandravicha Wialichkina.

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