2010 25/08
Volha Karach, Vitsebsk

Volha Karach, Vitsebsk

Belarusian human rights defender Volha Karach has been awarded the international Radebeuler Couragepreis, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports.

The Radebeuler Couragepreis is named after the German town of Radebeul, a suburb of Dresden, where an armistice was signed in 1645 putting an end to the devastating Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648), one of Europe’s first major interstate armed conflicts.

Since 2004, the biannual Prize is awarded to a civil activist from Central, Eastern or Southeastern Europe in recognition of activities for the protection of public interests, the environment and human rights.

According to the Radebeuler Couragepreis Awarding Committee, Ms. Volha Karach is well-known in Belarus as the initiator of a project, aimed at safeguarding rule of law, as well as fostering the development of the country’s civil society under complex conditions.

Source: RFE/RL

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